Computer Vision for Pharma Quality Control.

Tamed and tailored to your needs, now backed by shape


mpVision automates biologics image analysis to accelerate process development and reduce commercial production costs.

Explainable AI for All

We enable the widest range of end users - from scientists to quality engineers - with AI-driven image technology for faster, more effective research or production.

Real-Time Functionality

Gone are the days of exporting data to third-party analytics companies! Instantaneous in-house image analysis for in-line monitoring.

Your Algorithms

Your data, Your algorithms: You train your own AI models with your image data. Apply your models across your specific problem spaces, no strings attached.

Complete Data Optimisation

Got data? Feed images to your Self-Service AI and allow the AI algorithms to extract the insights! No data curation required.

About Us

Solving Your Quality Control Challenges with mpVision

Modicus Prime’s AI software provides intelligent image analysis of biologics. Our proprietary software, mpVision, enables scientists to independently train their own AI to achieve real-time AI classification of any imaging data - from biologic morphology analysis to commercial contamination detection – for comprehensive quality control across R&D and manufacturing.

  • Research and Development
  • Process Development
  • Medical Devices
  • Commercial Manufacturing


mpVision’s features are mapped to the unmet quality needs of pharma

Real-time Quality Assurance

Fast product understanding requires even faster data analysis. Our in-line software continuously processes image streams at a rate of 0.6 seconds or less.

Full Agency Compliance

For those who operate under the eye of regulatory bodies, our AI software provides you with comprehensive records for full compliance and investigation inquiries.

Faster Go-to-Market

Eliminate the pressure for labor intensive or ad-hoc analysis. Embrace high-throughput AI solutions to deliver faster, more comprehensive results without any waste of effort or time.

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduce costs by up to 50-60x in continuous processing with our AI software based on our current client analysis. Eliminate contaminations from products before they are distributed.

Entirely Self-Service

Our end users are provided with complete resources to perform AI analysis in-house. There are no AI literacy prerequisites for our range of end users.

Maximize Resources

Eliminate time-consuming, redundant data curation and calibration in both the lab and on the production floor so time can be reallocated to value-adding tasks.

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Our Process

We work closely with our end users through the entire Self-Service AI integration into their pharma workflows


Kick Off & Showcase

Introduce mpVision to client and agree upon image analysis performance criteria. To demonstrate the software's performance capacity in desired unit operations, we turn around an AI model using mpVision on the client's image data in <24 hours free of charge.


Training & Testing

Hold mpVision training sessions for end users and provide training wikis and requested supplementary documents. For up to 30 days, end users test mpVision in their specific use cases to validate software infrastructure, functionality, and desired usability.


Rollout & Subscription

Self-Service AI production environment made available to all end users on a subscription basis. Annual subscriptions are offered with volume-based tiers according to the amount of images processed per month. Provide end users with continuous tech support.

Leadership and Advisors

Combining domain expertise in health, software, business, and advanced analytics

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