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Modicus Prime Welcomes Newest Members to Investor Community

Modicus Prime is pleased to officially welcome additional investors to the MP investor community. Maintaining GxP compliance and conducting extensive pre-audits before engaging with each pharmaceutical customer is crucial to Modicus Prime’s business model. These investors have enabled Modicus to establish the highest level of compliance and quality of its AI technology. As a result, MP’s revenue from pharmaceutical customers is subsequently being re-invested into the continuous validation and quality assurance of mpVision.

The newest venture capital firms and strategic investors supporting Modicus Prime’s quality control initiatives include the following:

Triple S Ventures - A warm welcome to Avag, Narine, and Zare’, who further expanded MP’s investor network via introductions to other VCs in their community, included Granatus. Zare’, who successfully built multiple companies that exited and provided services to Amgen, has also joined Modicus Prime’s advisors.
Granatus Ventures - Special thank you to Manuk, Yervand, and Pierre for opening their extensive networks, resources, and LPs to the Modicus Prime team! From Yerevan to Berlin, Granatus’ international reach gives Modicus Prime additional footing in pharma across the globe.
Michael Zuckert - Former legal council at SVB, Michael brings his extensive negotiation and legal tactics to Modicus Prime’s team. The expansion and protection of MP’s IP are paramount for the company’s longevity, and Michael is spearheading the legal underpinnings of these endeavors.

Join us in welcoming our newest members to the Modicus Prime community!

About Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime’s computer vision software automates biologics image analysis and is designed to solve for the cost, legal, and waste liabilities from product quality failures across R&D and manufacturing. Modicus Prime is venture-backed and has strategic partnerships with organizations including Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (DOE), eLabNext (Eppendorf), Dotmatics, PlugandPlay Health, and Techstars. Our proprietary GxP-compliant software, mpVision, enables scientists to independently train their own AI to achieve real-time classification of any imaging data - from biologic morphology analysis to commercial contamination detection – for comprehensive quality control across R&D and manufacturing. mpVision has been globally tested by scientists at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and its features are mapped to the unmet needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including real-time product quality assurance, full agency compliance, faster go-to-market, and reduced operating costs.

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